After an exciting season it all comes down to the final game with the Super Bowl taking place this Sunday. Most believe that Tom Brady will be the pick for MVP for the fourth time. Can he win it yet again?  The Vegas oddsmakers say yes as him and Matt Ryan are significant favorites.

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game for the National Football League (NFL). The season begins just after Labor Day and continues through early February.  It got it’s beginnings with the American Football League (AFL) champion took on the NFL champ.  The leagues soon merged and then the AFC took on the NFC in a league championship game.  That is the format we still have today.

And it’s quite the event.  Super Bowl Sunday, is one of the most-watched American television broadcast of the year and in the world.

Every year, the NFL honors one player in the game, who was considered to be the most valuable player in helping his team take home the Lombardi Trophy. The award has been presented since the very first Super Bowl and there are definitely some big names that have made the list.

This year, on Sunday, February 5, 2017, 6:30 p.m. ET, at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas the final game will be played and an MVP pick will be honored. Other than Tom Brady, there is Matt Ryan who is the quarter back for the Atlanta Falcons who is also a huge contender. Of course there are other MVP odds, that stand a chance to win this award. Here is the list:

* Tom Brady
* Matt Ryan
* Julio Jones
* Ricardo Allen
* Matt Bryant
* Dion Lewis
* James White
* Taylor Gabriel
* Trey Flowers
* Jabaal Sheard
* Tevin Coleman
* Logan Ryan
* Julian Edelman

When you take a look at Tom Brady vs Matt Ryan, the way they play is simple. Tom Brady has won the Super Bowl MVP three times, which is tied for the lead with another football great, Joe Montana. He also have thrown 13 TD passes, and is lined at +160 to win the Super Bowl MVP. Matt Ryan is making his Super Bowl debut and is the second most popular choice to bring home the award at +275 odds.  That gives him around a 25% chance of getting it done.

The odds like Julio Jones to have a strong chance as well.  He’s had a great season with 1,409 yards and 83 receptions.  And while he might win, no wide receiver has won the award since Santonia Holmes grabbed it in Super Bowl 43. There is also Malcom Butler, Logan Ryan, Devonte Freeman, and maybe Tevin Coleman who is on the Atlanta Falcon side, who may impact the game.

What can we all look forward to at Super Bowl 51? There will be a lot of points scored from both teams. Both Tom Brady and Matt Ryan have moved the ball all year long and there is little reason to doubt they will continue the offensive show this weekend. The passing wars will definitely be anticipated, and everyone will be watching to see what moves will be made between both defenses to try and get stops.

So get ready for the weekend.  It brings plenty of action, commercials, halftime entertainment, and quality football.  See if during the game you can make note of who is playing well enough to win the MVP trophy.  Sometimes you’ll be surprised, but most of the time it’s obvious who has helped their team the most.  Then after the game wait for the presentation to see if you were correct.